FATO is made of active members, benefactor members and honorary members

Article 7 : FATO active members are the declared national associations of the african countries

Article 8 : The membership of the national associations is made through an application to the Federation which decides during the next conference

Article 9 : The benefactor members are individuals or corporations accepted by FATO and that, although not taking part to FATO’s activities, bring it a moral or financial support

Article 10 : The honorary members are persons who bring or can bring a moral or material contribution to FATO which has the exclusive right to appreciate it

Article 11 : Every active member has the right to :

  1. adhere to this statute
  2. regularly pay the subscriptions set by the federal conference
  3. effectively support FATO in the achievement of its objectives
  4. take part to all the meetings

Article 12 : Every active member has the right to :

  1. elect or be elected at any position of responsibility if he has paid off his subscriptions
  2. draw the attention of the Federal Conference or the Regional assembly to any situation contrary to the statute
  3. recognize the Federation as the moral authority able to represent the national associations at pan african or international meetings

Article 13 : Every member has the duty to :

  • Struggle actively to keep the acquisitions of the Federation
  • Respect and make respect strictly the statute, rules and regulations of the Federation
  • See to solidarity, militant cohesion and work permanently to the reinforcement of the Federation moral and political authority
  • Know and make know the federation’s activities programs
  • Work within their countries to obtain a subsidy for the federation and have the government bring any request of FATO to the international organisations of which the country is member.